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Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Halloween has become more than a trick-or-treating, it has become a time to dress up your pets and walk them with your children through the neighborhoods or malls.  Here are some guidelines to keep your pets safe during this time.

Candy – It is well known that chocolate can be toxic to your pets.  It’s surprising it only takes a little with certain chocolates.  Not only the large ones, but the mini ones can also be trouble.  Try to keep them up in a cabinet, there are a lot of counter surfing mouths that will eat the wrapper and all.

Costumes – If you dress your pet up, make sure the costume is properly fitted and not too tight or too loose.  Make sure the parts/pieces on any costume aren’t loose or something your pet may decide to chew on or eat.

Front door visitors – The door bell will be ringing a lot tonight!  For the pets that become irritated/agitated or too excited it’s best to keep them isolated in a small room or even their kennel.  Turn on a radio or TV to block the noise from the front door.  If the weather is nice, it’s even better to just sit outside on the step, then the doorbell won’t be ringing.

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