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Referral Services

Veterinarians who desire to refer their clients to our practice for more extensive diagnosis, medical care, or surgery are encouraged to do so. We have a strong professional partnership with many veterinarians in the Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas areas. We will gladly assist in the veterinary care of their patients, retaining a comfortable relationship with all veterinarians as we give second opinions or provide medical or surgical care. All veterinarians will receive prompt feedback from us regarding procedures and tests performed and we require their clients to return to their original veterinarian for continuing routine care.

In addition to the more routine soft tissue surgeries, our clinic offers orthopedic surgeries for repairing cruciates, luxating patellas, bone plating, femoral head ostectomy, osteochondritis dissecans and elbow dysplasia. We perform spinal surgeries such as cervical and lumbar fenestrations and laminectomies, as well as thoracic surgeries such as patent ductus arteriosis, pericardectomies, persistent right aortic arc, and lung lobectomies. Cryo surgeries to freeze the affected tissue in the mouth, ear, and eye are done routinely, as are ear ablations and lateral resection of the ear.

Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital can offer referring veterinarians the assurance of quality medicine and surgery performed by well trained professional staff using the latest equipment available