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Routine Services

Routine Services


Annual or semi-annual dental exams ensure good oral health for your pet. Clean breath and healthy teeth make for a healthier dog/cat. Specialized dental procedures can correct abnormal bites and prevent long term dental problems. With each dental cleaning, our practice provides a thorough oral exam to evaluate your pet’s gums, teeth, tongue, and tonsils. We remove any abscessed (infected) teeth and provide antibiotic therapy when appropriate. Dental x-rays are included with each dental cleaning.  Dental x-rays help the doctor examine individual teeth for bone loss, hidden fractures or any abscesses that maybe present.


Our in-house state of the art laboratory equipment allows us to diagnose parasites, bacterial infections, and systemic disease quickly. This assures your cat or dog immediate treatment with medication and a faster recovery. Blood tests for heartworm disease are done annually, usually in the Spring before mosquito season.


We offer microchipping services to permanently identify your pet in the event your dog or cat should be lost or stolen. We recommend this for the security of your dog or cat.  A brochure of information will be sent home with the owner and the owner needs to register their pet on line  www.petlink.net or over the phone.


Specialized diet foods for a variety of individual conditions are available for your dog or cat. Our veterinary staff will be happy to discuss diet alternatives with you in cases of overweight, underweight or allergic pets. We offer a wide variety of special prescription diets to suit all needs.


We provide the latest heartworm, flea and tick preventatives to assure your pet year round freedom from disease and pests.
Our well stocked pharmacy offers veterinary medications specifically designed for dogs and cats.

If you prefer to have a written prescription that will be provided, however, many pharmacies do not carry veterinary medications. Also, some of our medications are specifically designed for individual pets.

Physical Exams

Pets adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society are given a FREE physical examination within three days of adoption to ensure a healthy pet. All other dogs and cats will need an annual physical exam prior to receiving their vaccinations.


If your cat or dog would be in need of x-rays due to accident or illness, our hospital uses digital x-ray equipment which allow faster diagnosis of internal problems. We use our digital x-ray to diagnose fractures, broken bones, organ abnormalities, and possible foreign objects.


We perform routine spays, neuters and declawing as a part of our routine services. Every pet is given a routine EKG and blood screen prior to surgery to reduce anesthetic risk. All declaws for cats are performed using laser surgery, reducing blood loss and the need for sutures. Declaws heal quicker and are less painful.


Rabies vaccinations are required by state law for all dogs and cats in the Omaha metro area. Choices may be made for the 1 or 3 year vaccine.

Other vaccinations may vary for cats and dogs. These include parvovirus, feline leukemia, and distemper. The doctors will inform you of the needed shots for your pet. Kennels and groomers require current bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations on an annual or semi-annual basis, dependent on the facility you choose. We will gladly send documentation via fax to your groomer or kennel.